Israel Moskovitz came to the UK 34 years ago in 1985, having grown up in Canada and attended high school in the United States. In 1986 Israel Moskovitz established Avon Group, with a primary focus in investing and trading in commercial property. As markets changed in the 1990s Avon Group began investing in residential property with a particular focus upon controlled tenant units.

In 2007, as the Avon Estates portfolio expanded, Israel Moskovitz co-founded Y&Y Management to act as asset managers across the Avon Estates properties. In recent years Avon Estates has continued to grow its residential portfolio as well as looking to expand into newer development projects in commercial and residential property.

Israel Moskovitz is a prolific philanthropist, having established several charities and donating to many others. His charity work is driven by a fundamental desire to support his local community and the country in all aspects of life. His position as a trustee of Side by Side school, working children with disabilities, is one of many medical charities Israel Moskovitz supports.

In 1998 Israel Moskovitz began working as a prison chaplain in a number of London prisons, offering support to Jewish inmate’s faith needs. Over the past twenty years, Israel Moskovitz has offered council and support to thousands of inmates.

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