Government’s pledge to boost electric car charging network

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Today, the Government has pledged to expand electric vehicle charge points significantly by 2030.

It’s great to see the Government taking action to increase sustainability in the UK through today’s national charging infrastructure plan. We are pleased to see the £1.6bn commitment to expand the UK charging network, and the ability for consumers to pay, access and compare prices for chargepoints in more convenient ways.

“We welcome this announcement and believe if the industry is going to move towards a greener future, this pledge will help to achieve this across the residential property sector, with building tenants and homeowners assured that they’ll be supported in their own sustainability aspirations. We would like to see specific help for resident freeholders and developers too though, so they can upgrade the infrastructure of developments and allow leaseholders and tenants to charge their vehicles. We also need to see that the Government follows through on the promises it has made today, by building the necessary infrastructure across the UK.

This technology will not be adopted by the wider community unless drivers know they have safe places to charge both at home and on the road, so this plan is a great start and we would encourage the Government to continue to make pledges such as this one.

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