Y&Y Management partner with LaundryRepublic

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Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

Y&Y Management, the leading property manager is announcing a partnership with LaundryRepublic to offer laundry collection services from within their properties.

With the advent of the Internet of things and Uber-style on demand service apps, modern tenants are looking for properties that are enabled with multiple add-on services. LaundryRepublic offers a secure 24-hour locker-based laundry and dry-cleaning service, negating the need for a customer to be home for pickup and delivery. The average suit wearing UK household regularly spends £640 per year on dry cleaning* and with LaundryRepublic, the tenants of Y&Y Management properties will have the convenience of this service delivering directly to their home.  

Joseph Gurvits, CEO of Y&Y Management said, “Convenience and quality of service are essential to our residents. They have chosen our blocks because of the quality of the properties and the additional services available. Modern technology is rapidly offering solutions to ease the time pressures of modern life and this partnership with LaundryRepublic is a perfect example of this innovation. To successfully manage high end properties, we focus not just on the quality of the building but also additional services for tenants.”

Ian Walker, Co-Founder at LaundryRepublic said; “The purpose of our business is to deliver a convenient dry-cleaning service to our customers, the pivotal factor is the ability for users to use a reliable and good quality dry cleaning and laundry service from the convenience of their own buildings. Partnerships like these enable us to deliver our service to more customers with greater accessibility, we’re sure our customers will be very happy. Our eco-friendly garment cleaning technology, charity partnership with Scope, sustainable packaging and recycling schemes offer a valuable joint CSR effort.”

*Source ITV.

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